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Black Stripes on yellow Western Star

Since 1999 we have been in the big rig lettering market. I myself have worked in the trucking industry since 1997. My current everyday job is working for the largest aftermarket parts supplier for the heavy duty market, where I have worked for over 17 years. One of my customers spent $11,000 on a custom paint job for a brand new Peterbilt glider. Roughly six months after he got the truck on the road the rather expensive paint job started to fail, because the dealer did not sand and re-clear where the stripes were going they started to chip away. Not long after that I struck up a conversation about using vinyl to stripe his trucks rather than spend large sums of money to get them painted, and here we are. Since that day we have striped every truck he has bought. We saved him thousands on his first paint bill, enough to pay for every truck since. 

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